What is GRC?

As explained by the Managing Partner, founder, and CEO Robin Basham, GRC “is the enterprise program and supporting platforms that collectively enforce governance, risk management and compliance with legal, operational, financial, and information requirements, as determined necessary by the entity's industry, board, consumer and investor communities."

EnterpriseGRC Solutions® Professional's real-world experience, thought leadership, methods, and tools add to your absolute solution for a mature and ongoing program of GRC. EnterpriseGRC Solutions® practice is involved with SIM®, ISACA®, ITSMF®, and various organizations focused on audit automation. One way that EnterpriseGRC Solutions® differentiates our market services in controls assessment, is by delivering free tools for IT Regulatory (SOX) reporting that allow reduced dependency on external consulting, retains proprietary knowledge, and lower volume and time on testing.

GRC Program Model

Facilitated Compliance Management™ provides a Common Methodology in Delivering a Successful GRC.

A clear win for any IT Service organization can be found in providing Unified and Integrated control framework mapping to comply once and meet with many similarly purposed regulations. Aligning service delivery to regulatory-driven compliance models enables sustained client value. The simplest possible view of controls mapping might include:

  • Business Process - Service
  • Business Control Requirement - Regulation
  • Control Process – Control Framework Identifier
  • System Enablers – Technology policy
  • People Enablers – Business Policy
  • Standard and Frequency of Measure – Compliance Metrics
  • Compliance Reporting – Representation of Compliance
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